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Frequently Asked Questions

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Hide AnswerWhat browsers are supported by this application?
Browsers that are supported are: Internet Explorer 6x+ for Windows, Firefox 2x+ (Mozilla) for Windows. Using any other browser will possibly distort the appearance of our site.

Hide AnswerWhy do I need to create a resume profile?
You will need to create a resume profile to create job search agents or apply for a job. This will also allow you to come back to this site to apply for additional jobs using the same resume that you created, edit your information, create a skills profile, track your application history, and more.

Hide AnswerI've forgotten my password!
There is a link on the login screen labeled "Forgot your Password?" and a link on the Career Center labeled "Retrieve my Password". Click on either of these links and then enter the email address you used when you created your resume profile. We will email your password information.

Hide AnswerI’ve lost my Username. How can I access my resume?
Try using the "Retrieve My Password" option. You can get to this from the Career Center. Enter the email address you used when you created your resume profile. We will not only email your password information but also your username. If you cannot remember the email address you used, then you will have to create a new resume profile altogether.

Hide AnswerWhat does the term "Descriptive Phrase" mean?
This is a field entered by the job seeker and is a short description (3-5 words) of what they wish to point out about themselves, i.e., "Seasoned HR Professional" or "Experienced Project Manager" or "Hardworking & Dependable".

Hide AnswerWhat can I find in the Career Center section?
The Career Center section is where you’ll find access to your Resume Profile, build or update your Skills Profile, add attachments to your resume, see how many jobs you have applied to, and manage your job search agents. If the company has sent you an offer, you can review it there. Also, if you are hired, you can review any forms the company wishes you to read or complete online. This page also provides a link for you to change your password if desired.

Hide AnswerCan a Microsoft Word resume be copied and pasted into the resume section?
Yes. Access your resume in Microsoft Word. Copy your resume by using the “Select All” feature in the Edit menu, or highlight the text you want to copy from the file and click on the “Copy” icon in your toolbar. Then, go to the Resume Profile section and press the “Ctrl” and “V” buttons at the same time on your keyboard to paste the information into the Resume field. Some hidden formatting codes can make your resume look jumbled when you paste it. Use the toolbar at the top of the resume input field to make adjustments to your resume format. If you are using Internet Explorer, you may need to disable your pop up blocker in order to paste into the field.

Hide AnswerHow do I update/change my resume?
Click on the Career Center link and then the option "View/Edit my Resume Profile". You will then need to log in. Your resume profile will then be displayed to you. To make changes to it, click on the “Edit Resume” link on the right-hand side of the screen. Make your updates and then click the "Continue" button at the bottom of the form. Your edits will be immediately available to the recruiting staff.

Hide AnswerHow can I select multiple categories in a select box?
To select multiple preferences using a PC, hold down the 'Control' key while clicking the option with the mouse. To select a range, hold the shift key and click on the first and last options. B: Use the 'Command' key if you are using a Macintosh.

Hide AnswerHow do I apply for a job?
Once you have found a job you want to apply to, choose an option of how you heard about the job from the list and click the “Submit your Resume to this job” button at the bottom of the Job Details page. If you are not logged in, the system will prompt you to do so to complete the process. You will have an option to review and/or edit your resume before submitting it. NOTE: The employer might choose to display different ways to apply other than online, so some jobs may not have the button to submit your resume.

Hide AnswerHow many jobs can I apply to?
You can apply to all the jobs that fit your qualifications. Keep in mind that if you apply to jobs which you aren’t qualified to fill, the recruiters will see your information and may not deem you as a serious job seeker. You can apply only once to the same job.

Hide AnswerCan I change the answers to a Screening Questionnaire after I've already taken it?
Screening Questionnaires cannot be edited once they are completed. They are not timed tests, so please take your time to think about your answers before completing the questions.

Hide AnswerHow do I search for jobs?
To search for a job, click on the “Search Jobs” link at the top of the page. You will see a Search form that has multiple fields you can use to enter keywords that will help you find your new job. Enter as much detail as you desire, then click on the “Search” button at the bottom of the form. The system will search the database and show you any matching results.

Hide AnswerWhat types of Keywords produce optimum results?
Keywords are a matter of personal choice. If you are looking for very specific jobs, you can enter Job Titles as useful keywords, but if your search is more general, you may choose to enter Skills you may have, machines you can operate, software applications you know, or anything that is relevant to the position you may be interested in.

Hide AnswerWhat do the different Keyword fields mean?
ALL of the following – means that the search will use the entire list of words entered into the field and return only the jobs that have ALL of the words in their text.

AT LEAST ONE of the following – means that the search will take the words entered and return everything that has just one of the words in the list.

EXACT PHRASE – the search will only return the entire phrase you entered into the field, for example, ‘Customer Service’ will only return jobs that have that phrase in the text, and not jobs with either Customer or Service. This search is very specific.

WITHOUT – if you don’t want to see jobs with a certain word in their text, enter that word in the fields. For example, you want to be a secretary but not in a Sales department or division. You could enter Sales into the WITHOUT field to exclude any secretarial positions involving sales.

Hide AnswerHow do I know what jobs I might have already applied to?
Log in and click on the Career Center tab. You will see a link to view your “Resume Submission History”. Click on that link to see all the jobs to which you previously submitted an application.

Hide AnswerHow do I know if my resume was submitted successfully?
If you are submitting your resume to a specific job, you will see a confirmation message that “You have successfully submitted your resume to the [specific] job”. If entering your resume to the system, but not applying to a job, you will see a confirmation screen with all the information you entered during the submission process. You can choose to edit the resume profile if the information is incomplete, incorrect, or was missed during its creation.

Hide AnswerWhat is a Job Search Agent?
Job search agents are an automated way to search for a job. When you search for a job you select options and keywords describing your preferred job. You create a search agent by giving your combined selections a name and saving that set of criteria to our system. Every day, your search agent is compared to our job database to find possible matches, and those matches are emailed to the email address you have entered in your resume profile.

Hide AnswerHow do I create, edit or delete my Job Search Agent?
To create a job agent, click on the “Save Search as Job Agent” button located at the bottom of the Job Search Results page. Enter a name to save your Job Search Agent. Once you have Job Agents created, you can access them using the “Job Agents” link at the top of the screen. Each agent listed will have icons in the Action column to View, Edit, Deactivate, and Delete the agent. Click on the icon to perform the desired action.

Hide AnswerHow often do my job agents get sent to me?
The job agents that you create will search the database daily to look for jobs that match your search criteria. If your agent finds a job, you will receive an email with the job information you need and a convenient link allowing you to apply to that position.

Hide AnswerWhy is a certain job listed on a job board (such as Monster.com) but not on our site?
We have elected to send some of our jobs to online job boards, however; the synchronization is not always instant. It's possible that the job is no longer available but the job board has not yet been updated.

Hide AnswerHow do I know if the position is still available or has been filled?
If the position is no longer available, there will be a message on the job details page indicating it is closed.

Hide AnswerWhy can’t I submit my resume to a job?
If you are having trouble submitting your resume to the system, check the top of the form to see if there is an error message. The error message should tell you which field has incorrect or missing information. Once completed, you should be able to submit your resume.

Hide AnswerI have a message on the screen saying I’ve already applied to the specific job. How can I check?
Go to the Career Center tab and click on the Resume Submission History link. This screen shows the positions you’ve applied to and the current status of your resume. If you clicked the “Finish Later” button during your submission process, it will display in the Incomplete Applications section. To finish submitting your resume, click on the continue icon in the actions column.

Hide AnswerI have accepted a position at another company. How can I remove my name from consideration?
Simply access the Resume Submission History link on the Career Center tab. When you see your name on the list of positions that you’ve applied for, select the "Remove" icon in the Actions column.

Hide AnswerIn Internet Explorer, how do I turn off the auto-complete feature?
Go to the Tools menu at the top of the browser window and click on Internet Options. Click the Content tab at the top of the small pop up window. In the content page, the 3rd option listed is the auto-complete settings. Click on the Settings button. You will see 3 checkboxes. Make sure that the check box for Forms is not checked. An unchecked box means that auto complete will not work on that type of page.